We work with our clients to create a custom design that reflects their brand and business goals. This includes creating a layout, wireframes, UX design, and adding visual elements.

Front-end development: Once the design is approved, we build the front-end of the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This includes creating a responsive layout that looks good on all devices, as well as adding interactive elements like dropdown menus and forms.

Back-end development: We build the back-end of the website, which includes the server-side scripting and database management. This enables the website to perform dynamic functions like displaying customised content.

Content Management System (CMS): We build our websites with WordPress so our clients can easily update and manage their websites content without needing technical expertise.

We work with Music Festivals, Artists, Artist Managers, Recrord Labels & Fashion Brands. 

Discovery: We get to know our client’s business and their specific goals for the website. We’ll ask questions about the target audience, branding, and any special requirements that need to be considered such as go live dates.

Strategy: Based on the information we gather, we’ll develop a strategic plan for the website. This includes the website’s structure, user flow, and any necessary functionality. We’ll also create a visual sitemap and wireframes to illustrate the proposed structure of the website.

Design: Our team of designers will work with the client to create the visual design of the website. We’ll develop a style guide and mood board to ensure that the design is consistent with the client’s branding. We’ll then create mockups of the key pages to get feedback from the client.

Development: Once the design is approved, our team of developers will begin building the website. We’ll start with the front-end development, creating the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that will bring the design to life. We’ll also work on the back-end development, creating any necessary functionality, such as forms or e-commerce features.

Testing: We’ll test the website extensively to ensure that it’s functioning properly and meets our high standards. This includes testing on different browsers and devices to ensure that the website is responsive and accessible.

Launch: Once the website is complete and tested, we’ll launch it for the world to see. We’ll also provide training and support to the client so they can manage and update the website as needed.

Maintenance: After the website is launched, we’ll continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance at an additional cost.  This includes regular updates to the software, fixing any bugs that arise, and ensuring that the website remains secure.


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